Guilt vs. Grace

I was in a discussion recently about worrying, feeling guilty and God’s grace.  Sometimes we can drive ourselves nuts by worrying about how we raised our kids, or whether we said the right thing to someone, or doing what we should be doing day to day.  I tend to think women definitely fall into this pattern of worrying if they are “being or doing enough.”

Romans 5:1-2a

God’s word is full of reminders of His abundant grace and love. Yet we allow Satan to grow the seed of doubt in us. We let it fester and feed us to the point where we worry about what we are doing, are we good enough?  We forget – it’s not about us – it is about God’s Grace!

Sin ruins our lives. Our relationships suffer. Our health declines. It robs us of our happiness. It steals our peace and joy.  God gives us a way to put the past in the past and experience the incredible blessing of His love and grace. We simply have to believe and receive. We can’t do enough, be enough, say enough. We just have to open our hearts to be washed clean with His amazing grace. We need to quit looking at the past sins and mistakes and KNOW God has washed us clean with His grace. When we hold onto that baggage of guilt, we negate the gift God freely gives us.  And we lose out on the gift of PEACE that comes from walking hand in hand in God’s love and being filled with His grace.

Bask fully in the love and grace God lavishes on you ~ Faye

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  1. So thankful we can rely on the grace of God. Grace from God. The grace of the justified. Grace that brings peace.

    • Pamela – Totally agree. We are so blessed. Was just listening to a message by RC Sproul on the Old Testament sacrifices and how they were a representation of Christ’s sacrifice. So glad we live on this side of the cross. God’s abundant blessings ~ Faye

    • the same thing about time, it is ineded precious and we are to make every moment count. We above all others should live with purpose! It is SO hard sometimes to make sense of the trials and sufferings that come our way and well meaning people will say the appropriate Christian things. Truth is truth no matter what but remember that God understands our hurts, our anger and our questions. One day we WILL understand and see God’s plan and purpose in those trials and sufferings but for now, trust in Him who knows us more intimately than we even know ourselves!While sitting by my Mom’s side for 10 days before she went to be with the Lord, God gave me this verse which comforted me greatly: He will keep you strong to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God who has called you into fellowship with His son Jesus Christ our Lord is faithful 1 Cor. 1:8-9Love, Connie

  2. Love covers a multitude of sin and the greatest love was when Christ gave His life for our sins. It is all about His grace.


    • Joan – you are totally right – it IS all about GRACE! Enjoy His abundant blessings ~ Faye

      • Wonderful oeeivrvw my friend! You did a fabulous job! When we talk about total depravity, I think we are, at heart, dealing with the fundamental issue of human nature. What we believe about mankind will have a direct impact on how we, as Christians, understand our own salvation. If we think man is “well” then we will not see our need for the gospel. If we think man is “sick” then we will think we had a part in our salvation. But, if we see ourselves, as scripture teaches, as radically depraved and dead, then and only then can we appreciate how God graciously intervened when we were dead in our transgressions. By grace we have been saved! Posting to my FB! Thank you for this article! I love it — and you, too!!! xoxoxo

  3. Faye, Worry is a big temptation for me. Thank you for the reminder that God is God. 🙂

  4. Hi girls! I have laeenrd so much this past year and continue to grow because our Lord is so faithful. I have loved watching the Warrior Moms movement take off and know that God is doing amazing things through this! Not only in my life, but also in yours, Kristina. I have laeenrd to love His Word and also see the importance of us gals staying connected and not letting ourselves become isolated.God’s Grace .well, it’s been evident in my marriage and I am utterly humbled by it and completely grateful. God has been so good to me and I certainly don’t deserve any of it that’s grace right there.Grace be to you all, may He protect you and shine His loving face upon you .In His love, your sister and fellow warrior,Brenda Lightfoot WM of two

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