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The Voice of the LORD

Ps 29 5

The voice of the Lord SPLITS the might cedars …

… all across Iowa there is incredible devastation following Monday, August 11, 2020 Hurricane/Derecho. Trees are down everywhere – on houses, cars, in streets, on electrical wires, blocking driveways. The derecho was more than 700 miles wide and by us probably 60 miles north/south.  There was not an area in Linn County that escaped some damage.  At least 1,000 have their homes condemned, power has been out across the area since Monday about noon and is slowly being restored, food by the tons had to be thrown away due to no power, people waited in line for hours for gasoline to power generators and chainsaws, businesses that were shutdown for COVID are now out of power and can’t operate and so much more.

Yet – the Lord is in total control.

Back in 2008 seven square miles of Linn County, Iowa were under water in the history-making flood. Then God blessed me with His words from Psalm 29:10-11:

The Lord rules over the floodwaters.

The Lord reigns as King forever.

The Lord gives His people strength.

The Lord blesses them with peace.

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