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I’m Faye. I’ve been happily married to Rich for over 45 years. We live in Iowa and currently enjoy living on the outskirts of a larger town with the benefits of being near the farming country. We have been blessed with two children, a great son-in-love, two grandchildren and many other children-in-love.

I operated a secretarial business since 1978. I have enjoyed working for a variety of people from ministers to attorneys, sales reps, authors, students, unemployed and underemployed, and so have met a variety of people and backgrounds.

I have made a concerted focus over the years to look at and for God’s blessings. My life’s goal is based on Ephesians 3:14-21, specifically – “Now to Him who is able to immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” Looking to see God’s hand everyday takes intentional work, and I don’t always make it. But when I do, there are times He can just blow me away with His presence, leading, guiding, protecting, providing in my life. This has been especially true after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Learning to see God in-spite of, and through the pain, has brought a deeper understanding and a closer relationship with God. I’ve truly been blessed!

One of the blessings I’ve enjoyed is taking pictures of His abundant variety in creation. Many of the photos on the blog are mine. You may use them with my permission if you are using them for a worship setting, church or non-profit situation. I just ask that you add:  (c)God’s Abundant Blessings if you are using them in a for-profit situation. Let me know if you are using them, since in effect, they aren’t my photos and this is not my blog, everything I own is God’s. If you’d like a larger jpeg file, just email me at:  fdykema at gmail dot com.

  1. Very inspiring and encouraging, May God bless you And Use you mightily in Glorifying Him.

    • Thanks George. God continues to bless and fill my life abundantly, especially when I watch for ways He is working! May you blessed during the holidays.

  2. Hello Faye, I read one of your posts concerning the hymn ‘ Love One Another’. Do you have the lyrics for that hymn? I have the music but can’t find the words. I would be very grateful if you could send them to me.

  3. Hi Faye, I love your Easter Sunrise photo; do you mind if I use it in an Easter ad and Easter email to my clients? I am in real estate. Blessings to you and your family.

    • Elaine – yes you can. If you could use my copyright info that would be appreciated. I don’t mind as long as you are using for something that is free to your customers. God’s blessings to you and your family as well for a wonderful Easter. He IS Risen!

      • Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Is this the copyright info that I should use?
        Images may be subject to copyright

  4. Andre' Prinsloo

    Beloved Sister Faye and Brother Rich,

    I was drawn to your blog in my search for the significance of the talents in Jesus’ parable of the three talents. I sought a deeper meaning than the mere expression of a talent being 15 years of wages which was a great deal of money; being gold it would have been extremely heavy and could not be carried on one’s person. I sought the hidden treasure in the meaning of these talents that I knew Jesus would reveal to me if I believed. I prayed for understanding.

    Then the revelation came as I poured over what I believe is the true meaning Jesus wished to convey. My source shall remain anonymous but the revelation lies in the two ancient words, Kabod and Doxia which I borrowed from what you had learnt about and written about in your “Longing, Expectation, Anticipation, Hope – GLORY.”

    Heaviness would have brought to the ancient Hebrew mind the heaviest of all: the Kabod of Yahweh, which basically means heaviness, rendered in Greek as Doxia and Gloria in Latin. These words speak of the heaviness; the gravitas of the Glory of God. The talents which the rich man gave to his three servants before he set out on a journey are to me the measure of the gift of Faith which God gives to each one of us according to our ability; the Kabod of Yahweh. We are all equal before God but some of us receive a greater measure of Faith; to God be the Glory.

    The first two were of greater faith and having doubled that which had been entrusted to them were rewarded by their master; the third whose faith failed him lost even the little he had. It was not so much that even the little he had would be taken away from him but that he had chosen not to believe; he had chosen to be excluded from the Kingdom.

    The gift of Faith which is the divine gift of God’s mercy; the gift of Himself to each one of us, is meant to be given to others as a pure gift and not to be buried in the ground. Nothing is truly ours until we give it away and share it with others. It is a bit like Pygmalion effect; we bring out the best in others by loving them and believing in them; by having faith in them.

    The time you spend with anything especially that for which you have a passion will become one with your soul as indeed you learnt from Billy Joel about spending time at the piano. Be still He says; and know that I am God.

    One of your subscribers Belinda Van de Griendt may well be the secretary of The City Base Church in Springs, South Africa. If indeed it is the Belinda I am acquainted with then I wish to say how delighted I am to bump into her on your blog. Please convey my warm regards to your congregation especially Dion, Lauren, Danie and jenny.

    Your rendition of the Serenity Prayer is in harmony with all I have ever understood it to mean. The problem is not out there; it is the gate of change which only you can open from the inside; a change of heart. The threads of the golden rule of love also runs through it. Do unto others …

    Sorry for exceeding the bounds of what a comment is intended to be but I was inspired to follow where the Spirit would lead me; may the light and the love which shines out of you be with you always.

    Andre’ and Gail.

    • Andre’ and Gail – Thanks so much for your precious understanding of Kabod and Doxia. I totally agree. I am grateful for the weight, and even more grateful for the One who helps carry it with us. To God Be the Glory – each and every day. May you be filled with His abundant blessings! Faye

  5. Althea Granberry

    Thank you for your ministry!

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