God’s Love Is Too Wonderful to Fully Understand

Ephesians 3:19a May you experience the Love of Christ

6:00 AM

“Then you will be MADE COMPLETE with all the FULLNESS OF LIFE AND POWER that comes from God.”  ~ Ephesians 3:19b

Just think of what it is like to FULLY EXPERIENCE a sunrise. I’ve gone out to take photos at 5:30 in the morning. The anticipation is incredible as I stand there and watch the sky changes hues. It is amazing how I can be drawn into the beauty of the colors, thrill at the changing reflection on the water and in the clouds, and then I’m filled with peace, joy, calm, beauty, and a sense of God’s splendor. These 4 photos of the sunrise were taken over a period of 20 minutes. Amazing how the colors change. It is truly difficult to describe.

6:05 AM

Paul tells us to FULLY EXPERIENCE the LOVE OF CHRIST. And then he tells us – imagine it, but you can’t fully understand it because IT IS TOO GREAT!


6:17 AM

I’m reminded of a simple little song:

God is so wonderful, I can’t explain, But I can say, Glory, Hallelujah! Praise His Holy Name.
It’s wonderful because He saved me. It’s wonderful that He forgave me. It’s wonderful, wonderful, So very wonderful, wonderful that He is mine.
I cast on Him my every burden, Lay at His feet my every care, It’s wonderful, wonderful, so very wonderful, Wonderful that He is mine.

Virginia Marshall  © 1964 Word Music, Inc.  CCLI song# 10525

6:19 AM

I looked up the word “wonderful” beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable; extraordinary; excellent; outstanding; tremendous; magnificent; superb; sensational; awesome; stupendous; terrific; sovereign; remarkable; amazing; fantastic; incredible; astonishing; phenomenal; marvelous; staggering; astounding; miraculous; awe-inspiring; jaw-dropping; mind-blowing …”. God cannot be described simply with one word. Who He is. What He does. His resplendent glory. His unconditional love. His amazing grace. And yet, that indescribable God, loves each one of us and promises that we will be MADE COMPLETE in God. We will be filled to all the FULLNESS OF LIFE AND POWER that God gives us, and it will be enough, sufficient.

Chris Tomlin sings Enough. I won’t put the words here since they’re under the video on the YouTube link. We need to stop and think about the amazing, awesome, wonderful love God lavishes on us. We are so blessed with the knowledge that God’s love for us is not just when we’re good, or just to give us happiness. It is to transform us, to grow us into being like Him. During this season of Lent, when we particularly think of the sacrificial love of Christ and are filled with wonder and awe of His gift, we must realize God’s love is penetrating into the depth of our soul. He’s working to change us from the inside out.

May you experience the blessing of basking in the sunshine of God’s love ~ Faye

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  1. Jaw-dropping, mind-blowing… What great words to describe the Lord!

    Thanks for linking up!! 🙂

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