Worshiping God

I’m just back from another worship rehearsal. I thoroughly enjoy the team God has put together for me to serve with.  We enjoy spending time working out the kinks before Sunday and not taking ourselves too seriously. We enjoy who God created each of us to be. I recently purchased a beautiful calla lily and had fun taking photographs of it. When I got it home I realized that one of the blossoms was actually “deformed” with a second petal. I had spent about 1/2 an hour taking photos and never saw the flaw. Why? Because I was so captivated by the beauty of the plant from its multicolored leaves to it’s inviting blossoms. God doesn’t care if we sing off key, hit wrong notes on the piano, can’t get the sound system to pick up the guitar, or miss the timing of a slide. God doesn’t care about the little details. God just wants our worship. We were made to serve an Audience of One. Just enjoy praising God with your heart today! I was searching for some quotes on worship and came across these two:

“As John 4:23 says, Its time, as worshipers of God, to give him all we have. For when he is exalted, everything about me is decreased. So many times we stand in the way of really stepping into the secret place of worship with God. Just abandon tradition and the “expected” ways of Praise & Worship and get lost in the holy of holies with the sole intention of blessing the Fathers heart.” Jessica Leah Springer

“When I worship, I would rather my heart be without words than my words be without heart.” Lamar Boschman

Praying that your heart may be blessed with the fullness of God to lift up your hearts in praise to worship Him! ~ Faye

I’m linked with Good Morning Girls and Beholding Glory.

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  1. Awesome! Thank you!

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