Getting Dressed for the Day

God's armorWhen flowers develop on the plant, they often grow in a tight bud. They’re the most vulnerable at this point. God’s given them a source of protection/armor as the delicate petals develop. When a baby grows within its mother, the mother is the protection and nutrition for the baby. I am grateful for the reminder from Ephesians 6:10-16 which encourages us to get dressed each day, ready to face whatever faces us.  How? By putting on the FULL armor of God.  Satan is out trying to destroy God’s kingdom, one person at a time. He is relentless in his pursuit, but God gives us full body coverage.

Paul begins Eph 6:10 with such encouragement – Be strong in the LORD and in His mighty power.  I immediately think of the song “Be strong in the LORD and NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. … God’s got His hand on you so don’t live life in fear … take your time to pray and thank God for each day.  (The Words I Would Say by Sidewalk Prophets)

I know I can’t get through the day without His protection. I can’t just put on the belt of truth and expect to be fully protected against the evil in this world. In order to be protected, well armed and ready to fight, I need to PUT ON THE WHOLE, COMPLETE ARMOR OF GOD.

I’m just finishing book 3 of The Hunger Games.  It’s an easy and fun read. When they get ready to head into the games, they aren’t fully protected or armed. Their “controller” wants to see them die. Satan wants us to die. He wants to conquer us and destroy God’s Kingdom. We live for our LORD who wants us to live FULLY for Him and so He prepares us for the battles ahead. Katniss (The Hunger Game’s main character) is excellent with bow and arrow. She can make them appear in places no one expects. They are aimed, focused, and deadly. She even finds the chink in the armor that takes down an empire.  Can Satan do that? Oh yes he can – when God allows it. What? God allows it!  Oh yes, He allows it so that we will run to Him, depend on Him, trust Him for each day. He wants us to get prepared for battle daily by putting on the full and complete armor of God that WILL protect us from the devil.

Most things that know the arrows are coming take flight, trying to outrun the arrow’s deadly point. God tells us that when we put on the full armor we will be able to resist our enemy. We will be bold and confident to stand our ground because we are covered with the armor of God. When those beautifully delicate fern peonies open their blossoms …

So grateful for the blessing of God’s full armor. Once again – getting dressed for the day!  Faye

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