Sing Praise to God, Your Creator!

I have been reminded day after day lately how incredibly awesome God is. He has created everything – EVERYTHING – to PRAISE HIM!

I had the privilege of attending Sunday school with my 3 year old granddaughter recently. They were learning that “God said it was GOOD,” when He created the universe, night, day, animals, plants and that it was VERY GOOD when He made man and woman. It was fun to hear the 3s repeating that God made all things Good! Later I was out planting tulip and crocus bulbs with my granddaughter and we talked about the dirt and how God made that good. How it takes the sun and water to help the flowers grow and God made them good. Then she screamed at the worm and that it was “yucky” as only a 3 year old girl can screech. But I had the opportunity to pick up that worm and watch it as it wiggled and reminded her that God made ALL things good.

This morning around the garden center we were watching butterflies, bees and hummingbirds all gathering pollen and nectar from different flowers. It seemed like in their busyness they were also stopping to thank the Lord, their Maker. Yesterday there was a heavy frost on the foliage. As the sun began to kiss the frost it melted and the droplets seemed to be singing praise to their Creator. The steam rising from the river this morning in the sunrise appeared to be lifting its misty hands in praise to God.

How much more should we, who have been blessed with our Savior and Lord, lift our hearts in complete praise and worship to God our Creator. We are so incredibly blessed to be able to see and enjoy God in such glorious ways.

Praying you will have the blessing of SEEING God, your Creator, in incredibly beautiful ways this week ~ Faye

I’m linked with Beholding Glory and Good Morning Girls.

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