Easter Blessings

We were blessed to spend time with family and friends over Easter weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful in Michigan. Taking time to celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection is always a blessing.

But something happened Saturday morning that I would not have thought of as an Easter Blessing. We helped set up and distribute food at a mobile food pantry. What a humbling experience.  We pulled into the parking lot about 8:15 and were greeted with a line of baskets and boxes lined up and people getting a cup of coffee as they continued their wait.  They often begin arriving between 5 and 6 am. During the time waiting for the Feeding America West Michigan truck, people are registered and given a number.Feeding America Pantry

A semi with 5,000+ pounds of food pulls into The River’s church parking lot every third Saturday of the month a little after 9:00. Then the work begins in earnest. Volunteers separate the produce, drink, and baked goods into roughly equal bags for each person.

The River had been seeing approximately 100 people the past couple of months and with the nicer weather they expected higher numbers. By 9:30 there were over 100 people registered so we prepared bags for 125. By 10:00 when the food distribution began, there were 130 people lined up. We rearranged some of the food to make sure we had enough for all. Then people turned in their number and proceeded through the food.

I was handing out 10# bags of potatoes. I was so encouraged to meet the people. Many of them were so friendly and kind, despite their difficulties in life. Since it was Easter weekend I often said “have a happy or blessed Easter”. Many people replied similarly and some even gave thanks to Jesus for His blessings of grace.

Here were people, some who waited hours, in need of food. They obviously had been dealing with struggles of life. Yet, most of them were incredibly happy. Despite difficulties they were celebrating and counting their blessings.

My husband and I were greatly humbled by these beautiful people in need. The “funny” thing is we had been facing some difficulties recently with health, car issues, relationships and were trying to keep a “stiff upper lip”. But after spending time with these Easter blessings, we made a commitment once again to look deeper into each trial to see God’s abundant blessings.

It wasn’t long after that commitment that we would be tested to see how we would react. On our drive home from Michigan we had car troubles about 75 miles from home. Car problems on the interstate aren’t fun, especially in a rainstorm. We were able to get to a location where we could call our auto service. Blessing 1- we have 100 mile towing, so we were able to get to our own mechanic. Blessing 2 – there was a tow truck driver available in late afternoon to drive 150 miles round trip to get us home. Blessing 3 – the driver was a very friendly and upbeat person. Blessing 4 – we were able to borrow a vehicle from a friend. Blessing 5 – an indescribable calm in dealing with two cars in the shop (the first one was hit by a deer a week earlier)  and a peace that filled us as we deal with a “frustration” in life. Blessing 6 – the care of friends and family.

I pray that you look at each day and see the beautiful blessings all around you ~ Faye

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