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God’s Masterpiece

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.  – Ephesians 2:10

 I enjoy cross-stitching and felt the need to take on two very time-consuming Christmas stockings out of love for my precious granddaughters. I finished one in 2010 for the youngest who lives in the same town with us. But then knowing the time it took to prepare the first , I had a hard time beginning the next. It sat in the drawer for over a year. I came up with several excuses – lighting, dry eyes, sore hands, etc. But not having both stockings to hang this year bothered me, so I recently took the other one out to work on for Christmas 2012. Looking at it, most people see a very beautiful work of art. But I can focus on the mistakes so quickly. I can see where I miscounted, where my stitches go in the wrong direction, where the bridge has extra stitches or the house isn’t perfectly symmetrical. But my granddaughter just sees the snowman, birds, kids playing and the doggy, and of course, the presents inside ;-). God doesn’t say you are an imperfect work of art. He calls us masterpieces. Masterpieces are priceless. We need to see ourselves as God sees us.

I am not comparing myself to God, but I’m thinking as the creator of these stockings of the time, dedication, poked fingers, frustration at thread not cooperating, and other things and yet there is pride in the beauty of the work once it is done because it was prepared in love for the girls I love.

God is the Creator of each one of us. He knows we are imperfect. He knows we have blemishes, flaws, and we make mistakes. Even when we intentionally turn our backs on Him or don’t listen to Him, He loves us unconditionally.

Many years ago Sandi Patty sang a song – Masterpiece

Before you had a name or opened up your eyes
or anyone could recognize your face.
You were being formed so delicate in size
secluded in God’s safe and hidden place.
With your little tiny hands and little tiny feet
and little eyes that shimmer like a pearl
He breathed in you a song and to make it all complete
He brought the masterpiece into the world.
You are a masterpiece
A new creation He has formed
And you’re as soft and fresh as a snowy winter morn
And I’m so glad that God has given you to me
Little Lamb of God, you are a masterpiece.
And now you’re growing up your life’s a miracle
every time I look at you I stand in awe
Because I see in you a reflection of me
and you’ll always be my little lamb from God
And as your life goes on each day how I pray that you will see
Just how much your life has meant to me.
And I’m so proud of you what else is there to say?
Just be the masterpiece He created you to be.

Performed by: Sandi Patti – Composed by: Gloria Gaither, Graig Patty, Michael Patty, and Brent Henderson – Copyright 1989

We are all created as God’s handiwork, His workmanship. If I can take pride in a simple Christmas stocking, how much more does God pleasure in the beauty and individuality He has made in each one of us, His children.

Praising God He made me who I am. Praying you will celebrate the new creation He has made in you ~ Faye

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